Thursday, 10 February 2011

Twin Rail Mobius - Reloaded

If you've seen my profile avatar, you might be wondering what it is.
I call it Twin Rail Mobius Pendant. The pendant is one of my designs that Shapeways 3d printed in stainless steel.

So why 'Twin Rail' and why 'reloaded'?
There's two rails with a mobius twist that form a circle. Three sets of these rails are stacked up and joined by a half-pipe. Reloaded is because this is an updated model that includes a ring on the back for a necklace.

The pendant is designed to take upto 31 6mm balls.

Here's a side shot.

Here's a video on YouTube showing how the balls move.

And another picture - this is how the pedant is supplied from shapeways.
You can buy one for yourself from my my Shapeways shop, included with the pendant is the rubber necklace with a bayonet clasp. Odering is handled by Shapeways and delivery takes upto 20 working days. The balls are not included, but you can add 6mm ball very easily, they just pop inbetween the rails. The price for the pendant is $43.30 and includes UPS delivery (local taxes may also be added depending upon the delivery destination)

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