Sunday, 30 January 2011

More about chain maille

I suppose I'd better expalin a little about the dice bag.

I met up with some old friends recently. D said he was trying his hand at some chain maille jewellery, BING! 3D printed chain maille, maille without joins!

Not knowing the first thing about chain maille, I used my GoogleFu to find out.
There's great tutorials from Jeff Olin at and the Maille Artisans International League caters for all things maille.

My first chain maille without joins model was a pair of earrings using a full persian chain. From Shapeways, as they're not really a finished end product, I've set the model view to 'hidden'. If you're interested in taking a look, the model is here.

Next came along a Dragon Scale patch.

And then the European 4-in-1 70mm dice bag.

Next in line is a Half Persian 4-in-1 chain tester in two sizes with the same aspect ratio, I'm not sure how the smaller size will turn out as the gaps may be too small. Also a much larger dice bag, both are currently in production.

Dipping the dice bag is a long process. After about another 8 dips since last time, the silver is starting to glisten.

Friday, 28 January 2011

WIP - painting the chain maille!

This dice bag is one of my models that I had Shapeways print for me. The dice bag is made up of 319 seperate rings and I thought it would be nice to try and paint them.

I had a bit of a brain-fart and decided to dip-paint my Chainmaille dice bag in Sliver Acrylic paint. The image shows the dice bag after 5or 6 dips. It's slow going, I think I diluted the paint too much (10:1). The mica in the paint is starting to stick and there's a few glints of light here and there.

This is going to be a long process!

Well Oh!

This is my first venture into a Blog, and, erm... getting the layout of the page right is something that should be easy, but giving me a headache already :(

Whilst I'm sorting that out, here's a vid of some of my 3d printed items from Shapeways;

Onwards and Upwards!