Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Dice bag progress

Well, progress in painting my 70mm dice bag is going very slowly. I'm averaging about four dips into the paint per day... I've lost count how many times the bag has been dipped, but so far none of the rings have stuck together, and over the last few days, the rings are really starting to show a silvery colour.

The image to the right, shows the progress so far. Clicking on the image will take you to a larger image, in which you will see that the paint is still wet. During the 3-4 hour drying time, I move the bag about to prevent the rings sticking together. The paint I'm using is Daler Rowney System 3 acrylic - Silver (imitation) #702.

There's still loads more dipping to go yet, I want the bag colouring to end up looking like the model Baritone horn below.

I suppose I'd better provide a bit of info about the horn. My daughter plays the baritone horn in a local youth band, a friend's (= S) family member (= R) also played the flugel horn in the same band. S asked me if I could design a pendant of a model flugel horn and order it in in the stainless steel material the Shapeways do. I came up with a design and at the same time designed the baritone horn model.

I ordered in the two horns in Shapeways' white strong and flexible material to see how the designs worked out.

Here's the Flugel Horn 'as delivered' in WSF - the scale is about 1/12th. I used a fair bit of artistic license to keep the model small enough and sticking to the Shapeways design rules for the material.
Here's the Baritone Horn in WSF. Again I used a fair amount of artistic license to keep the model small and stick to the disgn rules. My model is based on the Besson BE757 which my daughter plays.
I got the go-ahead from S to get the flugel horn printed in stainless steel - unfortunately the model was rejected and even after beefing the model out to 2mm wall thickness it was rejected again. There's some discussion about that on the Shapeways forum, oh well... maybe when silver printing comes back I can have the horns made in silver.

Back to dipping the dice bag now, it will probably be at least another 4 or 5 days before the bag is finished.

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